Hyperacusis Hearing Loss Symptoms

Hyperacusis hearing loss, call medical sensorineural hearing loss or SSHL, is a condition in which a person loses their hearing in a very short period of time. Hearing loss can occur gradually over a period of 3 days, or can sometimes occur immediately. Going to the doctor straight away can increase the chances of recovery. In nearly 90% of cases, only one ear is affect by SSHL. People may notice it when they use the affect ear exclusively for certain purposes, such as talking on the phone. Some people may hear a loud popping sound just before their hearing loss. They may also suffer from tinnitus, a condition in which the person hears a ringing sound in the ear.

Symptoms Range

SSHL mainly affects people between the ages of 30 and 60. In many cases, the symptoms disappear without medication within three days. In some people, it may take a week or two for symptoms to disappear naturally. There are a number of reasons for SSHL. Infectious diseases, immunological diseases, abnormal tissue growth, neurological disorders, head or brain damage, and exposure to extreme noise levels are some of the most common causes of the condition. It is often difficult to determine the real cause of the problem. Only in approx. 15% of cases can the real cause of hearing loss be determine. The patient’s medical history becomes important during the diagnosis of the condition.

How To Treat

There are several treatment methods to treat sudden hearing loss. However, medical science has not yet decide on the appropriate treatment procedure for each specific cause of the condition. Usually antibiotics are administer to fight infections. If a particular drug taken for another condition is found to be the cause of SSHL, the patient is advise to stop taking the medication. When the cause of the condition cannot be determine, most doctors turn to steroids to reduce possible swelling and inflammation that can cause hearing loss. Steroids can also help the body fight disease by strengthening the immune system. Patients who are known to have weak but immune systems are usually administer steroid therapy for SSHL. Thus, some patients find that a low-salt diet helps them recover. As with almost any illness, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment can help the person have a better chance of recovering from sudden hearing.

Signs Of Hearing Loss

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